Sometimes, liking yourself takes practice.


Remember The Little Engine That Could? All the little blue train needed was some encouragement and self-confidence. If only we could manufacture these so easily! It can be frustrating, embarrassing, and even frightening to do things independently or to be the focus of attention. Asking for a raise, a date, or even for the barista to re-do your latte because they got it wrong can be downright terrifying--enough to stop many of us in our tracks and prevent us from getting what we really want out of life—including the coffee you actually ordered.

Do you like who you are? Do you believe in yourself? Do you think you are worthy of being treated with respect? You paid for that latte. You deserve to get what you paid for, right? Or do you? Asking for it to be re-done will only happen if you believe you are worthy of that level of respect. I can help you learn to value yourself enough to ask for what you want and deserve, and to treat yourself well. Whether it's a raise, a date, or having your order done right, you can feel good knowing you asked for what you wanted and that you stood up for yourself. We are talking about more than self-respect—we are talking about self-love.

Many of us have a list of things we would change about ourselves if we could. Yet we continue to go about our daily lives without actually making those changes--without standing up for ourselves, and without believing we are worthy of being treated better by others and ourselves. What causes this? What stops us from changing? What makes it hard for us to find the courage to finally change?

The answers to these questions are directly related to how we feel about ourselves. How we believe we deserve to be treated is what we allow and encourage in others--and in ourselves. Changing this core belief occurs deep within you, by modifying your self-image and your sense of self-worth. Ever see someone confidently walk into a room full of people and instantly command respect and admiration with their presence? The only way this happens is if they believe they deserve and are worthy of the respect and admiration of others.

Helping people learn to be good to themselves is a fundamental part of my work. I am trained to help you access, understand, and modify your core beliefs about yourself, your life, and how you experience, interact with, and impact the world around you. Together, we can help you change what you believe, how you feel, and ultimately create a better life.

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