Are you connecting?


Our entire lives consist of connections with other people: our family, friends, partner, spouse, boss, coworkers, the cashier in the grocery store, and even the person who parks their car next to yours. Healthy, beneficial, productive relationships are one of the most important pieces of the human happiness puzzle. If a relationship in your life is experiencing challenges, I can help you discover the core issues and implement changes and solutions that work for you.

Being specifically trained in marriage and family therapy, I know relationships are extremely important in terms of development, happiness, and fulfillment. I work with families, couples, and individuals on their relationships with each other, and with themselves. Relationships are the cornerstone of my work.

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Sometimes, things happen which tear the fabric of our families, our relationships, and our ties to each other. Can the fabric be mended? Should it be? And if so, how and what is involved? If not, what happens now? These are tough questions which may be difficult to answer. I can help you get on the same page, talk about things in productive ways, figure out what to do.

Relationship work may address any of the following: families, couples, parenting, co-parenting, dual households, stage of life issues, traumatic events, family changes, grief and loss, conflict, and communication. I have received extensive training in helping people with challenges in relationships of all kinds, including coworkers, siblings, friends, children, and your relationships with yourself and the world around you.

If you need help with a relationship, let's talk.

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