4 Minutes Can Change Everything

When was the last time you felt really connected with your husband, wife, or partner? SoulPancake's curious 4-minute experiment, chronicled in this quick video (link below), asks couples (and even strangers!) to look each other in the eye for four minutes. The results are astounding.

While there are no quick fixes most relationship issues, this simple exercise can be a fantastic way to find that connection you seek with your partner. It can feel like magic. I have had couples do this with amazing results. This is so powerful, yet so simple anyone can do it. You really only need 4 minutes. Check out the the video below, then grab your significant other and have a seat.

Warning: this is really powerful. This really could change stuff. At the very least, it will allow you to connect in a new, intimate way. Here's the link:

The most powerful 4 minutes ever

Thanks to (and image attribution) SoulPancake!