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Modern life is complex. It can be frustrating, complicated, overwhelming, painful, and filled with potholes that can derail you from the yellow brick road. It seems like there are self-help books for everything, but even if we make time to read them, often they don't help. Why don't they actually do anything? It turns out they are just books after all, and all the work to change things is still up to us. You are the only person who can change anything about you. And change can be hard, scary, and difficult to imagine, never mind actually manifest. This is where a trained professional can help.

In addition to Family Systems and other methodologies, I utilize what is known as Solution-Focused Therapy. This means I specialize in helping people find and implement solutions to what troubles them. I understand the secret to change lies within you. Finding the strength, motivation, and the will to change is the hardest part, and this is exactly what I am trained to help you do. Anthony Robbins famously said, "Change happens in an instant". It is the actually making it happen part that confounds us, and this is what my work is all about. Let's take a quick look at a three common additional struggles I encounter in my work:


Anxiety, stress & fear


Feeling anxious, stressed, tense, or afraid can be distracting, upsetting, and can disrupt your ability to live, work, go to school, and experience healthy relationships. Learning to manage these emotions can go a long way towards helping you live a happy, productive life. Together, we can help you learn new ways to you cope with them and reduce your level of stress. I can help you prepare for, and learn to control your responses to things which provoke anxiety, stress, and fear.


Overcoming adversity


Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. How do you pick up the pieces and rebuild when the obstacles in your path seem insurmountable, or the road ahead seems unbearably long and steep? The resilience and strength to rise up and excel in the face of adversity can only come from within--no one can do this for you. I can help you find and create solutions utilizing your own resilience and resources, and help you find the strength to do what you have to do to find happiness. Together we can help you move forward when the odds seem stacked against you, and help you grow in ways that will improve the quality of your life and create a better future, one you can enjoy and cherish.


Parenting and co-parenting


Parenting is hard--sometimes really hard. It's not like kids come with an instruction manual with an appendix of quick fixes for when things go wrong. Just doing the best you can is hard enough without having to worry about what happens if things go awry. When they do, it can be good to know there are trained professionals out there who can help you strengthen your parenting skills, listen and communicate more effectively, and create better relationships with your kids. It is not easy, but there is hope--there is always hope. My role is to hold that hope for you so you can feel confident knowing it exists, and that someone who believes in you can help you nurture it, grow it and make it into something real that reaches your kids and helps them help themselves. There is no instruction manual, but a trained professional can provide help and support, and direct you to additional resources if you need them.




Is something is holding you back from making changes, but you can't figure out what or why?

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